Anime Character Quiz – Let exam you about your’s anime characters recognition.

When you read manga(comics) or see anime(animation), the characters of them can be remembered by you. It is very hard to explain about your  remembered characters especially the number of them. To let you know about number of them, you have to do a examination.

That examination can be done by Mobile Application. Anime Character quiz is Android mobile application that let you to exam by displaying a image of character and you have to select a choice that is matched the displayed images. You can select mode for your examination are following :
1. Time Challenge Mode : 5 Mins. , 10 Mins, and 15 Mins.
2. Relax Mode : Answer question continuously.
During exam session, you can resume/pause quiz, switch on/off answer popup of each questions, switch on/off character series hint, switch on/off score displaying, switch on/off sound effects and stop examination.

The application is integrated with Google play game service to let you get achievements during examination and show your score on leaderboards when examination session is ended. However you have to sign in this application to enable Google play game service features.

The application also let you to learn about anime character in this world for your decision making about next anime series that you want to follow.

Let check it out.

Android app on Google Play
or capture this QR code
anime character quiz qr code

The following is a few screenshots






You also try in web version at Anime Character Quiz

And please visit our Facebook pages at MOE Solution

The characters image those are appeared in this application are copyrights and/or trademarks of their respective owners. Image in this appliction is used for entertainment and educational purpose.
If you found a work done by yourself and do not want it to be included in this application, please use the ‘Email Developer’ function further below and provide a copy of your work including a proof of ownership and a reasoning.


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