Math Equation Quiz – Let sharpen your mind with mathermatic equation.

When you want to try to sharpen your mind, The matermatic equation solving is one of the alternative for your mind sharpening.  The Math Equation Quiz is android application that let you to sharpen your mind with mathermatic equation.

The appplication challenge your mind in mathermatic skill by incomplete mathermatic equation. When you try this application, It will show the incomplete equation with the blank slot and you have find for the appropritate number or mathermatic operation for completing  the equation. You will get 10 points when equation is solved and you can go forward for the next equation, otherwise the quiz will reset the equation and selected numbers or operations. You can also select the option are quiz item for spending for quiz item, reset button to reset choice and hint button to let quiz for spending quiz credit to let quiz select the appropriate number or mathermatic operation to put in equation bucket.

During the quiz session you can apply the mathermatics real number theory to solve the incomplete equation, the challenge of the equation solving is depend on your solved equation number and your reached levels.

Moremover, the application has social network sharing on facebook, so let share this application to each other for more equation solving experiencs.

Let prepare your mind and knowlege and get it on Google play store

Or read QR Code for downloading.

mathequiz qrcode

And brifly screenshot.
Screenshot 2015 10 10 20 55 38Screenshot 2015 10 10 20 55 47Screenshot 2015 10 10 20 56 21Screenshot 2015 10 10 20 56 25Screenshot 2015 10 10 20 56 58Screenshot 2015 10 10 20 57 09

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